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PostHeaderIcon Calling All Students: 50+ Places Where Students Get a Sweet Discount

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Last week, I wrote about all of the best Teacher Discounts I could dig-up, so I figured it only made sense to do the same thing with student discounts. I can remember being in college, living off of top ramen and Jägermeister, and looking for every discount I could possibly find. My favorite was at our local Subway which offered students 2 foot-long subs for the price of one. I actually once ate both foot-longs in one sitting. Ironically, I also once clogged the dorm toilet. But anyways, here are the best student discounts I could find for savings on food, clothing, books, insurance, and entertainment.

Food/Restaurant Discounts

Waffle House

  1. Arby’s: The next time you are craving a Beef ‘n Cheddar at 2am, you can save 10% off your entire meal when you whip out your Student ID.
  2. Buffalo Wild Wings: At many BWW locations you can score 10% off your meal. Just ask!
  3. Burger King: Who knew The King handed out deals to students? Not I. But yes indeed, you can use your Student ID to get 10% off your next meal.
  4. Chick-fil-A: Thirsty? Use your Student ID to get a free drink when you buy anything at Chick-fil-A.
  5. Chipotle: The next time you get a burrito the size of a log, use your Student ID to score a free soft drink.
  6. McDonald’s: At many golden arches locations you can use your ID to get 10% off your purchase.
  7. Pizza Hut: Flash your Student ID and get 10-20% off your next pie. Discount depends on location.
  8. Subway: At participating Subway locations you can use your Student ID to get 10% off your subs, salads, and snacks.
  9. TCBY: Just show them ANY form of student ID and get 15% off your yogurt goodness.
  10. Waffle House: Nothing better than a visit to your local Waffle House after the bars close. Next time save 10% off by showing your server your Student ID.

Book & Newspaper Discounts

  1. Barnes & Noble: While B&N does not offer a flat discount to students, they do offer deals on textbook rentals with savings up to 50% off. Also, check our site for B&N coupons to save even more money.
  2. New York Times: College students can save 50% off the regular rate. Check the College Rate page for all the details.
  3. Wall Street Journal: Students can get the amazing rate of $1 a week for the WSJ. Click Here for all the details.

Clothing Retailer Discounts

Urban Outfitters Discount

  1. Ann Taylor: Get 20% off your full-priced order with your Student ID. Details here.
  2. Banana Republic: Save 20% off your full-priced order with your Student ID. Details here.
  3. Charlotte Russe: 10% off your entire purchase with your ID card.
  4. Goodwill: Yes, even your local Goodwill will give you 10% off with ID.
  5. H&M: Save 15% off your entire in-store purchase with your Student ID.
  6. J.Crew: Save a cool 15% off when you present your Student ID at checkout. In-store only.
  7. Juicy Couture: Save 15% off your purchase with your ID card.
  8. Limited: Save 15% off every purchase made in-store with your ID.
  9. Sally Beauty Supply: Just register for your beauty school ID and get exclusive savings and coupons.
  10. Register via the StudentRate site and get 10% off at
  11. Steve Madden: Save 10% off with your Student ID.
  12. Urban Outfitters: Save 10% off specific days with your Student ID. Sign-up for their Student Program to be kept in the know.

Attention Students: Bundle a coupon on top of your student discount at these stores: Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Charlotte Russe, The Limited,, Steve Madden, Urban Outfitters.

Tech/Wireless Discounts

Norton Student Discount

  1. Adobe: Students can save up to 80% off popular Adobe software titles. Click here for the details.
  2. Apple Store: Check out the Apple Students section of their website and save up to $200 off a new computer.
  3. AT&T Wireless: Click HERE to enter your school email to see if you qualify to get a 10% student discount.
  4. Dell: Via Dell University, students can qualify for some really good savings on new laptops and desktops.
  5. Fujitsu: Students are eligible for a 5% coupon on select LIFEBOOK notebook and Tablet PCs. To receive the discount, call 1-800-FUJITSU.
  6. Hewlett Packard: Check out the HP Academy program for some exclusive student discounts.
  7. Microsoft: Visit the Microsoft Store for Education and save 10% off software, Windows PC’s, accessories, and more.
  8. Norton:  Check out their Student Discounts page and save up to 50% off titles like Norton 360, Anti Virus, and Internet Security.
  9. Sprint Wireless: Visit the Sprint Discount Request page and enter your email address. Expect monthly savings in the 10-15% off range.
  10. T-Mobile Wireless: Visit and get a 10% discount on your monthly bill. It looks like they will even pay your early termination fee with your current provider.

Attention Students: Bundle a coupon on top of your student discount at these stores: Apple Store, Dell Computers, Hewlett Packard, Norton.

Subscription Discounts

  1. Amazon Prime: Join Amazon Student for a cool $49 a year (Regularly $99) and get free 2-day shipping, free Kindle books, and free unlimited streaming of 41,000+ TV shows and movies.
  2. Sam’s Club: Sign-up for a Sam’s Club Collegiate membership and get a free $15 Sam’s Gift Card. They’ll also mail you “student only” deals and coupons.

Insurance & Transportation Discounts

Auto Insurance Programs

  1. Allstate: If you’re a student under the age of 25 Allstate offers a savings up to 20% off for full-time students.
  2. Esurance: If you’re under 25 years old and maintain at least a 3.00 GPA in high school or college, they’ll lower your premiums by a cool 10%.
  3. Eurail: While they don’t offer a specific student discount, any person under the age of 26 can get a youth pass which is good for 35% off the adult fee. Detail here.
  4. Farmers Insurance: They offer a Good Student Discount which entitles students to a nice discount if the can carry a “B” average.
  5. Geico: Maintain a “B” average and you’ll be eligible for the Geico Good Driver Discount.
  6. General Motors: When buying a GM car make sure to get the Student Discount when financing the purchase. The cool thing about it is that you can combine it with any current incentives GM is offering.
  7. Greyhound: Get the Student Advantage Discount Card and save 20% off your next ticket. Also, you can save 40% off and package shipping.
  8. State Farm: State Farm has a really cool student discount program that not only gives you 25% if you get good grades, but the savings lasts even after you graduate until you reach the age of 25.
  9. Travelers Insurance: Travelers also offers a student discount if you maintain a “B” average. Must be a full-time student and between the age of 16 and 25.

Entertainment Discounts

Cinemark Program

  1. AMC Theaters: Many AMC theaters (almost all actually!) across the country offer discounted ticket prices every Thursday. Just present your high school or college ID to get your savings.
  2. Cinemark Theaters: Check this list of all the Cinemark theaters in the U.S. that offer a student discount. Who doesn’t love a cheap night at the movies? Student ID is required to get your discount.
  3. Chicago Art Institute: While not free, the Chicago Art Institute offers a nice 20% discount to students.
  4. Denver Art Museum: Colorado college students get in for a measly $8.
  5. Houston Ballet: College students, show up early and buy Rush tickets for only $10. Available only 90 minutes prior to the show.
  6. Met Opera in NY: Sign-up for Student Discounts and save up to 25% off the face value.

By Kyle James


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PostHeaderIcon Kate Hudson is Face and Muse for the Lindex Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

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Kate Hudson ist he face of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection. She also collaborated with Lindex on the collection.


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The In-Content Ad Leader Buy and Sell text links Health and Beauty Store

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PostHeaderIcon Coupons on Facebook: Which Retailers Got It Goin’ On

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

I’m always hearing that a great way to find coupons online is to follow specific retailers on Facebook. Then I go to the PetSmart Facebook page looking for a coupon and all I see is Bret Michaels posing with a couple German Shepherds and a bunch of dogs wearing clothes. I like cute pet pictures as much as the next dude, but come on, offer some coupon incentives, or at the very least inform us of when you might be having a sale so we don’t have to pay full freaking price on a dog bed or some cat toys.

So I decided to go out and find some retailers who use Facebook the right way…to share some awesome coupons so we can save some money! Here are the 16 retailers that made the final cut. Well done to all…

All (545,585 Facebook likes)

All Posters on Facebook

A truly great coupon offer on Facebook is defined when the coupon is better than what you can find on most coupon sites on the Internet. This is absolutely the case with this 50% off All coupon code they posted a while back on their Facebook page. We get new All Posters coupon codes on a weekly basis for things like free shipping on $14.99+ or up 30% off your entire order but rarely do we get something in the 50% off range.

American Eagle Outfitters (9,540,906 Facebook likes)

AEO on Facebook

If you’re a fan of American Eagle, and not following them on Facebook, you’re losing out as they are getting fairly tight with coupon offerings these days but they still keep their FB page updated with weekend coupons. Such was the case with this 20% off your entire order coupon when you buy any pair of shorts. I really like how AEO gives us the choice to print it out and use in-store, or to use it online at their website. The kicker was free shipping on your entire odrer as you typically have to spend $100 to qualify for free delivery.

Ann Taylor LOFT (1,425,460 Facebook likes)

Ann Taylor LOFT on Facebook

I really like it when a retailer makes the coupons on their Facebook page stand out. This is exactly what Ann Taylor LOFT does with their FB page. Bold and upfront is where you’ll find their discounts like this 30% off everything plus free shipping coupon. If you’re shopping regularly at AT LOFT, and not checking their Facebook page first, there is a great chance you’re over-paying.

Banana Republic (1,228,512 Facebook likes)

Banana Republic on Facebook

If you ever shop online at Banana, or walk into one of their brick & mortar stores to pick up a new pair of chinos, and don’t follow them on Facebook, you’re clearly not a great bargain hunter. They keep their FB page updated with some great coupons like this 40% off code they were promoting on Oscars weekend. The cool thing about the offer was that it was available for online AND in-store shopping which is fairly rare as coupons are typically only available for one or the other.

Best Buy (6,956,312 Facebook likes)

Best Buy on Facebook

Almost 7 million people can’t be wrong. That’s the number of consumers following Best Buy on Facebook in the hopes of staying in the know when it comes to coupons and deals from the consumer electronics giant. While Best Buy does have the rare percentage off coupon on your entire purchase, the majority of the coupons on their Facebook page are for specific items like this one for $100 a Hewlett-Packard laptop. You often have to weed out a bunch of crap on their page but it’ll be worth the effort as they do have some pretty good money saving offers like the current $10 Rewards Certificates when you pre-order and purchase select gaming titles.

Big 5 Sporting Goods (685,418 Facebook likes)

Big 5 on Facebook

Big 5 Sporting Goods is a discount seller and one of my personal favorites when buying sporting goods for my kids who play youth soccer, baseball, and basketball. I always shop with a Big 5 coupon and I always find them on their Facebook page. Today is no exception as they have a printable coupon good for 20% off any 1 regular priced item or 10% off a sale or clearance item.

Cheap (23,172 Facebook likes)

Cheap Tickets on Facebook

I’m not sure what is more crazy, Cheap only having 23,172 Facebook likes, or the amazingly cool fact that they promote their coupons right in their cover photo. Upon visiting their FB page you don’t have to wade through anything to find their best coupon code as it’s right there at the top. Love it. This week the coupon is for 25% off your hotel booking with code CHEAPSKATE.

Children’s Place (1,615,336 Facebook likes)

Children's Place on Facebook

I was impressed with the coupons found on The Children’s Place corner of the world on Facebook. They keep their FB page updated with some pretty great offers, some of which are completely unique to their followers. The next time your kid outgrows some threads, which will be next week, hit up their Facebook page for an online coupon code.

Cost Plus World Market (1,024,429 Facebook likes)

Cost Plus on Facebook

Anytime a retailer posts a significant coupon (20% or more) on their Facebook page, that can be used online or in-store, it’s totally worth “liking” them. Cost Plus World Market did exactly that with a coupon good for 10% off $50+, 15% off $75+, 20% off $100+, or 25% off your $150+ order. If you’re buying furniture from them (which I highly recommend by the way), the 25% off $150 or more is the only way to go.

Famous Footwear (943,199 Facebook likes)

Famous Footwear on Facebook

I love the Famous Footwear coupon presence on Facebook for a couple reasons. The first is the obvious regular posting of coupons that can be used online and in-store. The second, and more significant in my opinion, is that they actually have an employee responding personally to questions. For example, they recently had a coupon expire that was posted on their Facebook page, a lady then asked when a new one was coming out and a FF rep actually responded to her and dropped the info on how she can sign-up for coupon text alerts and get an instant coupon for doing so.

JCPenney (4,605,829 Facebook likes)

JCPenney on Facebook

While the JCPenney page on Facebook has way too many ladies modeling a Spring dress, IMO, it does have some great in-store and online coupons posted if you dig a little bit. For example, last week they had a JCPenney coupon good for a flat 15% off your entire purchase. It appears they update their page with a new coupon offer every Thursday to prep for weekend shoppers.

Lands’ End (1,106,036 Facebook likes)

Lands' End on Facebook

With over a million Facebook followers, Lands’ End has been able to grow their FB page be offering useful money-saving coupons and content on a regular basis. In addition to the 20% off all towels and bedding coupon, I have seen coupons good for 25% off your entire order with free shipping on $50 or more. The one cool benefit of following Lands’ End on Facebook is you’ll be the first to know when a coupon is extended.

Michaels (1,701,313 Facebook likes)

Michaels on Facebook

Because Michaels is a retailer that freely allows coupons on smartphones, you can leverage their Facebook page into direct savings at the checkout register when in-store. Just pull them up on your Facebook app and click on their most recent coupon. The displayed coupon can then be scanned directly from your smartphone. Typical offers include 40% off any 1 item and a coupon good for 25% off your entire purchase.

Rite (545,585 Facebook likes)

Rite Aid on Facebook

Rite Aid has been trying recently to grow their online store and they’re using their Facebook page to increase awareness. In particular, they have been throwing up some great online coupons for 20% off $50 or more, along with the occasional coupon good for 25% off your entire purchase. And before you ask, “No, the coupon codes can’t be used on prescription drugs”…I already tried. (38,361 Facebook likes)

Shoebuy on Facebook

The cool thing about the presence on Facebook is that they post coupons on it that are better than what they give me to put up on That is always a great sign of a Facebook page worth checking out. For example, they recently emailed me a 10% off coupon to post and on the same day threw up a 20% off coupon code on Facebook. Similar to Zappos, every order includes free shipping and free returns.

Sports Authority (1,237,926 Facebook likes)

JCPenney on Facebook

This spring I have a son playing little league baseball and two daughters playing youth soccer. So yea, I have used a Sports Authority coupon once or twice in the past month. I post them on when I find them and the first place I always look is on their Facebook page. A lot of times they are limited time “Flash” coupons like the 25% off any item in the screen capture above which are great for a significant purchase like a pair of soccer cleats or a new baseball bat.

Ask the Reader: Any retailers that I missed that post great coupons on Facebook on a regular basis? Let me know in the comments below.

By Kyle James


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