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PostHeaderIcon Review: First Course

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Looking for a family game that forces you to interact with your kids (in a fun and often hilarious way) at the dinner table? I think I may have found the perfect game for you. It is called First Course and is created by First Course Thanks to game creator, and friend, Karen Bunton, my family recently had the privilege of taking the game for a test drive and I can honestly say the game is a BIG hit in our home!

Essentially the game works like this: You put the glass jar (pictured above) in the center of the dinner table and each family member takes turns drawing a glass tile which has a question on it. Example questions include: “Would you like to be famous?”, “What is your favorite dinner?” or “Do you have an angel watching over you?” The best part for me? You get to learn things about your kids that you might not otherwise hear. I was amazed with exactly how little I knew about my 3 kids. I highly recommend this game, both for your family and as a gift to friends and extended family. Also, it is worth noting that for a small fee Karen will customize the questions to fit your family as well. Very cool!

Game Details:

Cost – $24.97

Website –

Customized Questions – Add $9.97

Facebook Page –


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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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