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PostHeaderIcon Brad Goreski Talks About Leaving Rachel Zoe, Starting His Own Business

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Brad Goreski and Tabatha Coffey

Stylist Brad Goreski is pictured with Tabatha Coffey at NBC Universal’s 2012 Press Tour. Brad Goreski is promoting his new Bravo reality tv show, It’s A Brad, Brad World. The show follows Goreski as he attempts to build a styling business of his own after leaving Rachel Zoe’s company.

Goreski says the show makes it clear that he didn’t have much work at the beginning – a possible defense to accusations he stole clients from Rachel Zoe. Goreski admits that he and Rachel Zoe do not speak. At the end of the interview, Goreski makes a bad pun and says he is “Zoe over it” when it comes to his clash with his former boss. Goreski appears to cry frequently on his new show. Take a look:

Brad Goreski made similar comments in an interview with The Daily Beast. A rep for Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman responded to Goreski’s comments in the Daily Beast interview with the following statement: “Rachel and Rodger are amused by his convenient interpretation of events and have no additional comments.”

Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

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