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PostHeaderIcon 10 Must-Follow Twitter Handles That Will Save You Money

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

  • Donna Freedman @DLFreedman
    Donna tweets about creative ways to live well with less. Her writing style is very fun to read and she makes living frugal and saving money actually kinda fun. Novel concept, eh?
  • Jean Chatzky @JeanChatzky
    Her Twitter tagline is “Making money make sense” and she tweets about new articles she has written for various news sources like Forbes and the NY Daily news. Jean writes about how to make smart money decisions in every aspect of life. Great advice from a time-tested journalist.
  • Kelli Grant @Kelli B. Grant
    Kelli is a senior consumer reporter at and her Twitter feed and subsequent Facebook page is a great way to follow her consumer advice on a day-to-day basis. Her recent articles will help you lower your winter heating bill and helpful advice on finding great Black Friday deals.
  • Brad Tuttle @BradTuttle
    Brad’s articles and Twitter feed will make you a smarter shopper, a wiser spender, and a more all-around savvy consumer.
  • Scott Gamm @HelpSaveMyDollars
    Seen on The Today Show, MSNBC, and Fox News to name a few, Scott offers great advice on making your money go as far as possible. His advice is especially useful for college students (which Scott is) and young adults.
    Help Save My
  • Kim Kommando @KimKomando
    Via her radio program, Facebook page, and Twitter feed, Kim keeps consumers informed on everything technology based. In particular, what technology and computers give you the best bang for your buck when making a buying decision. By following her on Twitter you will be kept up-to-date on Cool Sites of the Day, new buying guides, and tech news.
  • Andrea Woroch @AndreaWoroch
    Andrea’s Twitter tagline is “Consumer & money expert helping shoppers break bad buying habits, one purchase at a time.” I’m sold! She has appeared on The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, and MSNBC to name a few. It is definitely worth your while to follow Andrea, your wallet will thank you.
  • Amy Buckman @AmyBuckman
    Amy is a reporter at 6abc Action News in Philadelphia and reports and tweets on creative ways to save money, find freebies, and dig up coupon codes. Also, you don’t have to live in Philadelphia for her tips to help you save a bundle of cash.
  • Consumer Reports @CReporter
    By following Consumer Reports on Twitter, you will be in the know when it comes to product reviews and consumer protection stories. Their mission is to test, inform, and protect so you never get ripped off.

Do you follow anybody on Twitter that consistently helps you save money and make smart buying decisions? If so, please leave a comment and share. Thanks!


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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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