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PostHeaderIcon 5 Easy Ways to Save Money Christmas Shopping in 2011

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

1 – Black Friday Secret

Once you finished your turkey and have taken your Tryptophan nap, take a look at Black Friday ads this Thanksgiving. Early word on a couple leaked Black Friday ads has the deals being pretty darn good this year. If you’re shopping for specific items, look for them in the Black Friday ads then check online as many retailers are offering the same deals on their website. You just may be able to stay at home and shop on Black Friday in your pajamas with a cup of coffee this year. Also, we found an excellent resource from Consumer Reports titled Black Friday 2011: 12 Tips for Getting the Best Deals that is a must read.

2 – Shop Dollar Stores

Dollar stores are a great resource for all of your stocking stuffers. Often times parents will get great deals on the big presents, but get nailed on the stocking suffers and accessories. Shop for all your small accessories, batteries, and stocking stuffers at your local dollar store. You will invariably save a nice chunk of money this Christmas by developing this shopping technique. For a family with 3 kids you can easily save upwards of $40. I speak from personal experience on this one.

3 – Check out Cyber Monday

For those still unfamiliar with Cyber Monday, it is the Monday after Thanksgiving and it’s one of the largest online shopping days of the year. Most online retailers will offer some type of sale or coupon code to entice consumers, so it would be worth your while to take a look at what stores are offering on this day so you don’t miss out on a great deal. Look for a Cyber Monday coupons page here on in a couple weeks. Also, be aware that the majority of Cyber Monday coupons we will list are for the entire Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. So you don’t necessarily have to shop on Monday, as a matter of fact, I would recommend checking our site earlier in the weekend and taking advantage of a coupon code while sizing and selection is still in your favor.

4 – Shop All Year Long

My wife and I have some friends who have 4 kids, 3 of which are triplets, and they use the holiday shopping technique of buying 1 gift for each kid every month of the year and storing them for Christmas morning. They shop when they find excellent sales and promotions on certain items their kids will want. The idea being they will completely avoid the crazy Christmas shopping rush and have more quality family time together around the holidays. The major benefits of shopping when nobody else is buying is two-fold, less stress as you are not under a time deadline, and more importantly, you can buy only when products and toys are on sale.

5 – Shop Discount Stores

I am a huge fan of discount stores like Big Lots, Ross, and Marshall’s for Christmas shopping. As I mentioned in a recent guest post on Suddenly Frugal, if you are not the type of shopper that absolutely has to have the newest model, then discount stores are a great way to find bargains on toys, video games, and stocking stuffers. Also, be sure to use discount stores to create frugal gift baskets for friends and neighbors as you can mix and match items to create really thoughtful gifts that won’t leave you in sticker shock at the register.


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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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