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PostHeaderIcon Smart Weekend Reading – “Deodorize Your Undies With Coke” Edition

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The crew here at has rounded up some good reading for the weekend that we all feel will make you smarter by Sunday evening. Look for a new edition of ‘Smart Weekend Reading’ every Friday.

  • Home Loan Seem To Good To Be True? Probably Is.
    Phil at The Consumerist gives some advice on how to make sure the website you are looking at for a home loan is legit. Tips involve looking for a physical address on the website and how to make sure website is secure. Bottom-line: Do your homework first.
    – Phil Villarreal
  • Save Money By Taking a Vacation
    Sound counter-intuitive? If you have traveled recently, you know it kind of is. But the tip here from Donna is to turn off utilities like your phone service when taking a long trip. I had never heard of this practice before although it makes perfect sense. I plan on trying this next time I pack up the family in the minivan for a big road trip.
    – Donna Freedman
    MSN Smart
  • Can you afford to retire?
    That is the question Jean tackles on a recent Today Show segment. If you feel you are NOT in a position to retire due to a large mortgage you have to change your lifestyle right now. Jean recommends running the numbers so you know when you can retire on your current salary and retirement savings. Great tips, go check it out.
    – Jean Chatzky
  • Ditching Bank of America?
    My wife and I are actually going to be dumping BofA, and there $5 monthly debit card fee, and opting for a local credit union. So when I saw Farnoosh’s article on the best way to switch banks I was all over it. She offers some great tips on dealing with outstanding checks and other things you need to be aware of when switching.
    – Farnoosh Torabi
    CBS MoneyWatch
  • Deodorize Your Undies With Coke
    Ever tried it? Well, Adam at Lifehacker got word that Coca-Cola can do the job “thanks to the carbonic and phosphoric acid inside”. So next time you got undies or anything else that has a bad case of the nasties, give Coke classic a try. It is suppose to work great on grease stains and blood as well.
    – Adam Dachis
  • Keep Halloween Frugal This Year
    Ashley over at Wisebread has put together a list of resources designed to keep Halloween frugal as well as tips on building and maintaining a frugal coupon strategy. Some excellent weekend reading.
    – Ashley Jacobs

Did you find any other smart or funny articles this past week that you think we should share? Please leave a comment below and we will check them out.


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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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