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PostHeaderIcon 5 Reasons Men Prefer To Shop Online In Their Undies

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

Do more women or men shop online? The answer may surprise you. According to a recent survey of 10,000 consumers, men have overtaken women when it comes to shopping on the web.  The results show the average guy shops online twice a month, double that of the fairer sex. As a guy who absolutely loves to shop online, what in the world took so long for dudes to figure this one out. Here are the top 5 reasons men prefer to shop online.

No Virtual Parking Lots

This one is pretty simple. When most men discovered shopping online, I think they all had the same reaction, “You mean I don’t have to go to the mall to shop? Awesome! If these jeans don’t fit I’ll just send them back. On second thought, I’ll just wear the dang things. Maybe I can just leave them unbuttoned, or staple them closed somehow.” There is nothing I hate worse than pulling into a crowded parking lot with my truck trying to find a spot I can fit in without doing the proverbial 22-point turn. Winner: Online Shopping.

No Lines To Stand In

Who is that lady with the huge fake hoots on the cover of People? Should I buy a Snickers or not? How many coupons does that lady have? Wow, who knew they made flashlights that small? I wonder if we need any double AA batteries? How can they possibly have 30 checkout lanes and only 3 are open? I wonder if I could steal those nail clippers and slit my wrists? All thoughts I have had when standing in line at my local Walmart and Target. Winner: Online Shopping.

Easy to Find The Best Price

When you are wandering the aisles of your local stores, hopefully dropping bread crumbs so you can find your way out, it can be hard to know if you are getting the best price available. The Internet makes this process seamless. In a matter of seconds, you can type what you are looking for into Google and you will be inundated with shopping resources that will help you determine the best price. Two of my personal favorites are Price and My SimonWinner: Online Shopping.

No Children

I love my kids, but I gotta be honest and say that taking them shopping is not hell but you can clearly see the flames. Winner: Online Shopping.

Never Closed

I can’t remember how many times I have pulled into The Home Depot parking lot only to learn the store closed 5 minutes ago. The beauty of shopping online is you can do it at 3 a.m. in your tighty whities, or 1 p.m, still in your tighty whities. it makes no difference whatsoever. Just make sure to get dressed at some point, O.K.? Winner: Online Shopping.

Online Coupons

I’d be reminisced if I didn’t at least mention the use of online coupons as a positive aspect of shopping online. Most coupons on are not available to you when you go into the mall or hardware store. They are essentially free money and you should taken advantage whenever possible. Disclaimer: I run a coupon website!

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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