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PostHeaderIcon The 5 Best Fast Food Deals This Fall

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

OK, I’ll admit it, I love fast food. The more it gleams the more my taste buds go absolutely crazy. With the exception of McDonald’s, many fast food restaurants are actually struggling with sales right now. This has forced them to cut costs even more and offer great promotion and value items to entice customers. This begs the question where are they going to cut costs when they are already selling burritos for $.99 and cheeseburgers for $1? What kind of meat are they putting in these things and who are they hiring to prepare it for you? Nonetheless, I still love fast food way more than I should. It is with this in mind that I present the 5 best fast food deals for this Fall.

Burger King – $6.99 Meal for 2 People

BK Value Meal

For $6.99 you get 2 Whoppers, 2 small fries, and 2 small drinks. That’s $3.50 a piece, what a major deal. Now you and your significant other can go to BK and get coronary heart disease together, how romantic. Also, if you ask the attendant, they will give you a free ice cream cone with any value meal. Yum, I could eat soft serve ice cream every night. Sure, I would need a forklift to eventually get me out of the house, but it might just be worth it.

Taco Bell – $.99 Chicken Flat Bread Sandwich

Taco Bell Sandwich

I absolutely love Taco Bell, but this one scares me a little bit. I am terrified to eat food that costs less than $1. They have to be cutting corners somewhere, and I am bit nervous to find out where. Whenever I hit the Taco Bell drive thru I tend to splurge for the chicken taco salad or burrito supreme. When I was a teenager I would get the 10 taco box and down the whole thing in one sitting! Aww, the good ol’ days.

Pizza Hut – $10 Any Pizza Deal

Artisan Pizza

$10 for any pizza, any size, and any toppings. Awesome! This is a pretty good deal as it includes all of their pizzas, some of which normally sell closer to the $20 range. For a family on the go, this is a pretty inexpensive option a couple times per month. Their deep dish pizzas are pretty darn tasty, and now for only $10, I may be hitting ‘The Hut’ really, really soon.

Domino’s Pizza – $7.99 for Large Artisan Pizza

Enter Promotion Code

Wow, only $7.99 for a large. This is actually cheaper than when I was college over 15 years ago. Back then I could have really used this deal. Oh wait, never mind, that probably would have the worst thing that ever happened to me. Their Artisan pizzas include the spinach & feta, Italian sausage & pepper trio, and Tuscan salami & roasted veggie. Those sound really good. I have to applaud Domino’s on their recent resurgence in the pizza market. Their commercials and ad campaigns are excellent and they are seeing the positive results.

Subway – $5 Footlongs

Subway Footlongs

By far the healthiest option on this list, Subway brings back their $5 footlong promotion this fall. Great grub at a great price. My only suggestion for Subway is to please create a new song for the $5 promotion as the last one was hideous. Oh, and feel free to get rid of Jared as well.

Have you taken advantage of any of these offers yet? If so, please let us know how it tasted. I’m off to get something to eat, then I need to clean my keyboard. Hey, don’t laugh, you try and write a post like this and not drool all over your keyboard.


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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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