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Oneida homepage

Expires 7/31/11

Side Note: Just added coupons to my website today. They hold a certain soft spot with me, as my wife and I were given an Oneida silverware set for our wedding over 12 years ago and we still use them to this day. Yes, I will have Oneida in my mouth in a couple hours. Then later for dessert. Then later for a midnight ice cream chow-fest. Then tomorrow morning for breakfast. I think you get the point. Our silverware model is called ‘American Harmony’ and I love them, they help create harmony between my brain and my stomach, which is a great thing. American Harmony fits in my mouth just perfectly. Any bigger and I would be poking part of my fork up my nose, any smaller and it would be to small (I guess). Thanks Oneida for the great memories.

~ Check out all of our Oneida coupons which includes free shipping and a summer sale that has 80% savings on certain items.

Other “Harmonious” Coupons on


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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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