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PostHeaderIcon Coupon of the Day: Up to 20% Off at Pet Food

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

Save $8 OFF your $50+ order, Coupon Code: PETS8

Save $20 OFF your $100+ order, Coupon Code: PETS20

Save $30 OFF your $150+ order, Coupon Code: PETS30

Expires 6/30/11

Side Note: As I have mentioned in the past we have bunch of four legged things at our home. Various tables and chairs, a golden retriever, a Bassett hound, a cat, 25 tropical fish, and now 6 baby chickens. Yes, we are in completely over our heads, but the kids are enjoying every minute of it. The nice thing is that they are getting old enough to take on a lot of the pet responsibilities themselves. Which is great for dear old Mom and Dad. But my point is, with that many critters, our pet food bill, as well as flea/tick treatment costs, and Heartguard prevention, is NOT unsubstantial. So coupons like these from Pet Food are great for me. Not only do they carry deals on pet food, but I also buy our Frontline flea and tick medicine from PFD. With the help of one of the coupons, I can save at least 15% over what my veterinarian sells Frontline for. As most parents can attest, every dollar counts!

~ Check out all of our Pet Food Direct coupons for additional deals like 25% off Supplements and Vitamins.

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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