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PostHeaderIcon 5 Ways Guaranteed To Ruin Your Shopping Experience

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

Yes, you read that correctly. Here are 5 Ways Guaranteed To Ruin Your Shopping Trip. I speak from experience on at least 3 of these…

1 – Always Shop With Your Kids. Better yet, take them to 7-Eleven for a Slurpee on the way to the store. Talk about not caring what something costs, “Just take my money lady so I can get out of here.” I guarantee you will walk out of the store with one less kid, and be like “Oh well, he should be OK. He knows where we live.”

2 – TLC Camera Crew In Parking Lot. Your screwed. Especially when you try and checkout and both open registers have Extreme Couponers checking out. If this happens, try taking a nap in the cereal aisle. There should be plenty of empty shelf space to stretch out in. People, can you really eat 25 boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios?

3 – Always Take an Employee’s “Word For It”. My wife does this at Blockbuster. “The girl checking me out said it was good.” I typically respond, “Was she wearing a Justin Bieber shirt?”

4 – Shop at Wal-Mart. I can’t really think of anything to add…oh wait, silly me, I Can.

5 – Be Color Blind. If you are afflicted, be really careful in the meat department. Green meat. Bad.

Anything to add? This would be the time to do it.

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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