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PostHeaderIcon Will Smith’s Giant Movie Trailers for MIB 3 Infuriating SoHo Residents

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The bigger the trailer, the bigger the star, right? Well, Will Smith is a very big star. The New York Post reports that Will is infuriating SoHo residents by parking his two giant trailers outside their homes while filming Men in Black 3. On trailer holds Will’s personal gym and offices for his assistants. The other trailer has a movie room, bedrooms, granite bathroom and a full kitchen which features arched windows and matched-grain Italian cherrywood cabinetry. It also has a makeup room, a satellite uplink and a meeting room that can hold 30 people.

Hey, he has to be comfortable when he’s not filming, right? No way, say residents who have complained to the mayor. But some locals don’t mind Will’s big trailers. The Post says that mayor’s office has asked the movie studio to move the trailers. Take a look:

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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