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I see it has been awhile since my last post. I actually had this post on my mind since December 26th, I guess I am a bit of a procrastinator.

The reason for this post is to commend a couple companies for exceeding my expectations this Christmas.

1.  My 2 older kids asked for an air hockey table from Santa Claus this year. Santa, being the ever vigilant deal hunter that he is, found a great deal on black Friday at Sports Authority. The air hockey table was of Chuck E. Cheese quality, and could be procured at such a price that it would be cheaper than what Santa elves could produce it for.

So Santa hauled it home, stored it for a couple weeks, and on December 23rd, in accordance with the Santa handbook, set it up at the North Pole to make sure it was operational before delivery. Of course the scoreboard did not work! So Santa waddled back into the Sports Authority, and explained his problem. After asking Santa to leave Prancer in the parking lot, they were extremely understanding and accommodating. Not only did they open up another Air Hockey table box and give Santa a new scoreboard, but they also gave him free pucks and other cool accessories! They were super friendly and really saved Santa’s big, round, butt. Thanks Sports Authority, I (errrr, Santa) really owe you one!!!

2.  Have you ever ordered a pair of shoes online, and when they arrived you realize that they are different sizes? No? Me neither. Well, that is until know. They were actually a pair of slippers, and my wife had ordered them for me for Christmas. She accidentally got a size 12 and a size 11 from American Eagle She realized this on December 22nd and called their customer service line. They were awesome! They didn’t blame somebody else, took full responsibility, and over-nighted a new pair of slippers. Pretty impressive.

Did you have any great customer service experiences while doing your Chrismas shopping? Please share. Especially since we always hear about the bad experiences, let’s shed some light on the companies that actually do things the correct way!

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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