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PostHeaderIcon Huge Gold Nugget Up for Auction in March

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Holabird Ameria 100 Ounce Gold Nugget

A large gold nugget weighing over 100 ounces isg oing to be auctioned in Sacramento, California on March 15. Named the Washington Nugget because the nugget was discovered near the famous northern Mother lode Gold Rush mining camp of Washington, California, the monster gold nugget (and several others) were found in an unmined section of the Omega-Malakoff Tertiary Channel in February 2010. The gold nuggest was authenticated by geologist Fred Holabird and valued at $250,000 to $400,000. Holabird-Kagan American says the nugget is the largest, original California Gold Rush region natural nugget still in existence. Take a look:

Photo: Holabird-Kagin Americana

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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