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PostHeaderIcon Video: Denise Richards Takes the High Road When Asked Charlie Sheen’s Meltdown

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Denise Richards was a guest on Joy Behar’s talk show and naturally Joy asked her about Charlie’s now infamous meltdown at the Plaza hotel in New York. Denise confirmed she was at the hospital with Charlie and that she does know what happened, but she doesn’t want to talk about it, because she has a five and a six year old daughter who are old enough to see the news or TV. She talked about how she and Charlie have put their differences aside to be good parents. Joy asked how she could do that, given all that happened and Denise said it’s all for her little girls. Joy asked if Charlie shows up drunk to birthday parties and family outings and Denise said no, she would never allow that.

Joy said it seemed like Charlie has such a substance abuse problem, that he can’t be cured. Denise just looked sad, and said she does have fond memories of their marriage and that she did love him once. She was supportive of her ex-husband in a restrained and appropriate manner. She really took the high road; good for her. Take a look:

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