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PostHeaderIcon Giant Edible Gingerbread House in 2010 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

Edible Gingerbread Playhouse

The 2010 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book contains a giant edible gingerbread house. The uniquely edible playhouse is handcrafted of 381 lbs. of gourmet gingerbread and 517 lbs. of royal icing by confectioners at Dylan’s Candy Bar. The munchable manor stands 6.6 feet high by 5.25 feet wide by 4.1 feet deep. It includes giant cookies, lollipops, gummies, mints, gum drops and a candy-encrusted roof. There’s also a lollipop tree inside, just for good measure.

The Edible Gingerbread Playhouse costs $15,000 and can be found here.

You can see more of the fantasy items in this year’s 2010 Christmas Book here. A video about the 2010 Christmas Book can be seen here.

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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