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I have been in the process of trying to make my website and coupons more accessible to different social media outlets. I finally have gotten a Facebook page for and I am really excited about it. I will be posting all of my best coupons and most of my blog posts on my Facebook page and then they will also be simultaneously going out on my Twitter feed, which is super cool. Gotta love technology…..which brings me to the question of why I didn’t set this up a long time ago. Procrastination anyone???

Anyways here is my Facebook box if you want to join in on the money saving deals. If you have a Facebook account, just click on the “Like” button and you will be good to go. Perhaps this will be an easier way for you to get all of my coupons. I hope so anyways.


Yes, it is true I only have 9 fans so far. How sad. Especially since one of them is me and most of the others are friends in real life. Really pathetic. Please help me out and click on the “Like” button. Your wallet will thank you! And as a bonus, maybe I will even make you laugh every once in awhile. No coupon required. Thanks!

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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