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PostHeaderIcon Frugal Conundrums This Summer

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Gulp! No blog posts since June 3rd….yikes that is terrible, sorry everyone who periodically checks out my blog. Summer activities, camping trips, and vacations have all gotten in the way. Well, at least those are the best excuses I can come up with.

But the reason I wanted to post today has to do with a couple frugal conundrums that have been rattling around in my brain recently.

1. Satellite TV– I am getting tired of paying $60 a month for Dish Network when I know I could switch to Direct TV for $29.99 a month for a 1 year contract for pretty much the same exact channels and perhaps some free movie channels. What in the world is keeping me from just switching back and forth between the 2 companies every year? I haven’t done this yet and for some reason I am having trouble pulling the trigger. I guess I worry about having 2 satellite dishes and a bunch of unused wires on my roof. Do you switch between satellite companies and can perhaps offer some advice? Is it an easy process to switch back and forth or a major pain?


2. Should I Buy A Tent Trailer? – Camping is by far one of the best frugal vacations. My kids love to camp and I have been throwing around the idea of buying a gently used tent trailer for our camping adventures. But my dilemma has to do with when to buy. They ain’t cheap, and I am thinking that the end of summer may be the best time to buy as folks may sell theirs after they realize they did not use it this summer. Then I wonder if we actually camp enough to make it a worthwhile purchase. But then again, we may camp more if we own one. Or am I just over thinking the whole thing as we already have a nice tent and some good camping gear? My head is starting to hurt. This may be why I have not blogged recently.

That’s all I got folks….thanks for any suggestions. Hope your summer is going along nicely! Go Giants! Boo Dodgers! Life is good.

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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