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PostHeaderIcon 3 New Blogs Worth Checking Out!

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I am continually amazed at some of the great blogs that I stumble across. They appear to be written by regular people but upon further inspection you realize that they are very talented people who share personal tips on not only frugal living but also inspiration on how to live with less, use coupons, and how to have fun doing it all! I have 3 such blogs that I wanted to pass along to you today. Now with no further ado, here they are in no particular order:

~ Domestic – Nicki does a great job with her blog, passing along tidbits that help you live a simple, frugal life. From great recipes to ideas on how to keep your frugal groove on all year long, her posts are full information and knowledge. Check it out for yourself.

~ Almost – Kelly at Almost Frugal is an interesting story. She lives in France  and takes the approach that we learn best when we do it with others. Thus her blog is all about community and learning about personal finance and frugal living by sharing with others. Because she has set up her blog with this attitude, her commenter’s add A LOT to her posts. Love it!

~ Frugality in the Making– Kristen does a great job at bringing you special deals and coupons that she finds. I especially like the free stuff she discovers. But above all, while I don’t know her personally, I have to say that I love her attitude on life.  As I went to her blog today, I found a perfect example of her attitude. The post is called Take The Time To Compliment, Not Just Complain. Go take a look for yourself!

Please tell me about any new blogs you have found. I am always looking for new reading material! Thanks.

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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