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PostHeaderIcon New York’s Times Square Evacuated Over Bomb in SUV

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Time Square in New York City usually a hot destination for shopping, dining and entertainment on Saturday night. Last night, the fun quickly came to a stop when a crude bomb was discovered in an SUV. The New York Times reports that streets were blocked by barricades.

Twelve blocks, from West 43rd Street to West 48th Street between Sixth Avenue and Eighth Avenue, were cordoned off with metal barricades. The streets and pedestrian malls were filled with ambulances, fire trucks and cars and vans full of police officers. Teams of officers wearing helmets and carrying automatic rifles stood on corners. The bomb squad showed up with a remote-controlled robot and officers wearing blast-proof suits.

It is a good thing a police officer spotted the bomb before it detonated. The police officer noticed smoke billowing from the vehicle. Here is what the scene looked like as police locked down Times Square and residents and tourists headed elsewhere. Take a look:

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