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PostHeaderIcon How To Save & Spend Money Like A Millionaire

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

I honestly believe most self-made millionaires in the United States are frugal by nature. Warren Buffet comes to mind. Real wealth comes from having the ability to save money every month and not spend on stuff that is merely a “want”.  For some this is an easy thing to do and for some it takes big time discipline. Now this doesn’t mean to not splurge every once in awhile, but rather to do your splurging in moderation. Have any of you read Stop Acting Rich: …And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire by Thomas Stanley? If not, I highly recommend it. From the book, here are a few things that real millionaires do to save money.

  • 86% off all luxury cars driven in the U.S. are NOT driven by millionaires.
  • The average price a millionaire pays for a haircut: $16!
  • The average millionaire tends to not live in fancy homes.
  • They always use coupon codes from! OK, you got me, I made this one up, but it wouldn’t surprise me if many millionaires used online coupons to save money.

While these things might seem trivial to you, they point to overall way of living that allows you to accumulate real wealth and net worth over time. Don’t focus on image and keeping up with the Joneses. For all you know Mr. Jones could have $40k credit card debt and stay awake at night worrying about paying for his lifestyle. Not worth it!! Live simple and live happy.

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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