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PostHeaderIcon Product Review: Philips Norelco 180 Hair Clipper

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

So a few weeks ago, Tyler at Philips Norelco sent me the 180 degree Hair Clipper Kit to test out and do a review on my blog. Cool! I got the product and was impressed with the packaging. (Retail Price: $39.99) You can find it at,, and to name a few online places. It claims to have a 180 degree pivoting head for easy hair trimming, self-sharpening blades, and 10 adjustable length settings. Now I just needed a guinea pig to test out this bad boy. Since we don’t have a pet guinea pig, my 8 year old son once again came in very handy. Gosh, kids can be so darn useful. So off to the garage we went last week so I could do my best barber shop routine. All I need now is a spinning barber pole out in front of my house.

Initial impressions:

  1. I won’t be quitting my day job. But his hair looked great when I was done.
  2. This thing was really easy to use, and I love the fact that it is rechargeable so you don’t have a cord getting in your way all the time as you attempt to cut.
  3. The pivoting head was great for the back of his head and around his ears. Made it so easy to get in there and get the job done.
  4. It is quiet. Usually when I cut his hair he complains about how loud it is. This time, not a word from him!
  5. It is very easy to change the length settings, just press the red button and turn the switch. Great design.

Thanks Norelco, I will use this product for a long time and save a lot of money in the process. Also, any companies out there that have a product that does homework, my son is very interested!

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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