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PostHeaderIcon Who Says Good Customer Service Is Dead? Not Me.

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

It seems all I ever hear is how bad customer service is this time of year. Crowded stores and overworked employees often combine to create customer service nightmares for us, the consumer. But I have a story to share that may just lift your spirits when you enter your local Lowe’s home improvement store the next time. Or any store for that matter!


So my wife is a Den Leader for my son’s Cub Scout den. She gets to wear this cool yellow shirt with badges on it and pretend she knows how to start a campfire. But anyways, they had a scheduled “Go and See It” at our local Lowe’s where they would get a quick tour of the store and then each boy would get the opportunity to build something. So all 9 boys, with parents in tow, enter the store and ask for their contact person. After some discussion among a group of employees and managers, it was determined that not only did nobody know of their impending visit, but furthermore, their contact lady was not even at work that day. Yikes!

I honestly believe most stores would have just apologized, passed the blame, rescheduled the event, and sent these disappointed boys on their way. But not the Lowe’s in Redding, California! Instead, the employees put their heads together and came up with a project. There were employees cutting wood, others were gathering supplies and tools, and others were setting up tables and chairs in the lumber section where the boys could do their projects. Each Cub Scout ended up building a small planter box with a clay pot and potting soil included. Not to mention a cool little Lowe’s apron, mini garden shovel, pair of goggles, and even their own hammer! See picture below!

2009_12_07 002

I just have to take this opportunity to stand up (here in my office) and give these employees a standing ovation. Very impressive guys! You should be very proud of what you did for these boys yesterday.  In a time where we often witness retail employees doing just enough to keep them from getting fired, it is very refreshing to hear a story where employees, out of the goodness of their own heart, go beyond the call of duty. My son came home yesterday, VERY proud, with his planter box and tools in hand with a huge smile on his face. As his father, I say “Thank you, thank you, and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!”

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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