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PostHeaderIcon Giveology 2009-10 by Jennifer Melnick Carota

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

This is going to be a tough Christmas for many us. Perhaps you or your spouse lost their job or had a big salary reduction. Or maybe your house is only worth half of what it was a couple years ago and now your interest rate is about to reset to a higher rate. All scary propositions, especially as we enter a time of year where we want to be buying gifts for our children, friends and family.

With this in mind, I wanted to send your attention to an incredibly helpful resource called Giveology that will actually help you “Spend Less, But Give More” this Christmas, and all year around for that matter! It is produced by my friend Jennifer Melnick Carota (AKA: The Gift Therapist). In it, she discusses ideas like The Gift of 3, The Gift of Food, Giving In Groups, Black Friday Strategies, Post Holiday Shopping Tips, and much, much more. Jennifer is always talking about how important it is to make a gift meaningful for the recipient. She explains how meaningful does not mean expensive, it just means giving thought to what they would actually enjoy. I love this advice!

And best thing of all, Giveology is a completely FREE online publication. If you find it as useful as I did, please pass it along to your friends! Just click on the banner below to get your free copy:


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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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