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PostHeaderIcon 5 Great Frugal Halloween Costumes

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As a kid, I don’t think my parents ever bought me a Halloween costume from the store. I was always on my own to come up with something ridiculous. I would come up with an idea and find stuff around the house to complete the outfit. Worked fine and was typically a lot more comfortable than those plastic costumes and masks that the stores sold. Nothing worse than a plastic mask jabbing you in the eye as you grovel for candy.


Here are 5 frugal costumes ideas, some of which I actually did as a kid:

  • Be A Nerd! – Lucky for me, my Dad was a “nerdy” science teacher who hadn’t updated his wardrobe in 20 years. I actually think his closet was rented to the producers of the fantastic movie ‘Revenge of the Nerds’. I went Trick or Treatin’ as a nerd at least twice growing up….
  •  A Scarecrow – Or a nerdy Scarecrow with a pocket protector if need be. But seriously, all you need to pull this one off is an old pair of jeans, a flannel shirt, and some straw. Stuff the straw in all your pockets and have it coming out of your shirt and shoes and you are good to go. Throw on some face paint and you will keep birds off of you all night long! Not that they were a problem to begin with.
  • A Bag of Leaves – I saw a kid dressed as this last Halloween. It was really cute. He had real leaves attached to him everywhere and he carried a little rake. Not sure how his parents attached the leaves. Hey, sorry, who do I look like, Martha Stewart.
  • Martha Stewart – Carry a glue gun and wear striped pajamas. This costume would have killed, what, 3 years ago?
  • Larry King! (easy off-shoot from costume idea #1)  – OK, this one is easy. First, dress like a nerd then buy some big, cheap, square rimmed glasses. To finish off the outfit, use a cane and babble a lot of incoherent words. And yes the picture above is of Larry King on a windy day. Now that is scary!!

Any frugal Halloween costume ideas you would like to add to my list? Please feel free. Have a safe and happy Halloween everybody!

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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