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PostHeaderIcon US Airways Raising Bag Fees in October

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

It wasn’t that long ago that airlines first introduced bag fees. Now that they exist, the airlines are raising them just in time for holidays. US Airways is raising bag fees on its domestic flights and adding a fee for a second bag on its transatlantic flights. The new fees will begin in October. Here’s the details.

  • Domestic Flights: 1st bag costs $20 (up $5), 2nd bag costs $30 (up $5). Note: The fees are $5 higher if you check your bags in at the airport instead of online.
  • Transatlantic Flights: $50 fee for a second checked bag was added if the bag is check in online. It costs $55 if you check the bag at the aiport.
  • The fee to check a third bag remains $100 on both domestic and international flights. says US Airways noted in a press release that its bag fees now match those of American Airlines. US Airways has a chart online here that shows the current fees and the fee changes that take place October 7th.

(via Newser)

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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