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PostHeaderIcon Two Class Actions Filed Against Apple, AT&T Over Lack of MMS

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Two class action lawsuits have been filed against Apple. The palintiffs are angry that the iPhone’s new software was advertised as having the ability to send photos and audio files along with text messages, but so far Apple and AT&T have not made those features available.

The suits, one filed in a U.S. District Court in Louisiana, the other in a federal district court in Illinois, contend that consumers were misled about the popular phone’s new feature, known as multimedia messaging, which was billed as something that would be available later this summer to those who have the new iPhone 3GS, as well as the iPhone 3G, released in 2008. So far, MMS is not available.


In announcing the 3.0 software last spring, Apple also said that MMS will not work on first-generation iPhones, those released in 2007 because of the phone’s hardware. Photos can be sent as e-mail attachments using the iPhone. But the ability to attach photos to text messages is something iPhone users have wanted.

It’s the kind of program that many mobile users now think of as a given when they get a cell phone. Nearly 15 billion MMS messages were sent in 2008 in the United States compared to 6.1 billion in 2007, according to CTIA, the wireless trade industry association.

MMS is very popular and it was a big mistake to advertise that feature if it was not available. An AT&T spokesman said that it wouldn’t comment on the litigation, but that it still plans to offer MMS by the end of the summer. Um, hello, the end of the summer is here.

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