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PostHeaderIcon How to Make Money with a Yahoo E-commerce Store (Kindle Edition)

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

How to Make Money with a Yahoo E-commerce Store

“How I wish someone had told me these things before I started a Yahoo store,” writes Cari Haus, entrepreneur and author of this timely, strategy-packed book.With massive layoffs continuing around the country, many are considering how to start a business of their own. With more than 35,000 stores usings its interface, Yahoo is the most popular e-commerce platform today. Author Cari Haus, while making a compelling case for why to choose the Yahoo platform, also details many mistakes that could only be learned in the “School of Hard Knocks.” Cari’s successful online log furniture store, Log Cabin Rustics, with its impressive sales growth, should be an inspiration to all netpreneurs. While weaving in stories of her own Yahoo store journey, Cari gives a no-holds-bar account of the things she has learned with regard to Yahoo store set-up, search engine marketing (SEO), tips, and things to watch out for.While not a complete step-by-step guide, this book is a good read that anyon (more…)

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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