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PostHeaderIcon Microsoft to Use 3-D Camera to Battle Wii

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

Microsoft LogoThe Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is planning a challenge to Nintendo’s hot Wii gaming console. The Wii has been outselling Microsoft’s Xbox console and Sony’s PlayStation 3. Microsoft reportedly plans to challenge the Wii by developing a special video camera that can sense player’s movements and allow them to control games by moving their bodies.

Microsoft Corp. is developing a new videocamera for the Xbox 360 console that will allow players to control games with the movement of their bodies, people familiar with the matter said, an effort to attract the casual players who have fueled Nintendo Co.’s recent success.

The Microsoft device is a twist on Nintendo’s blockbuster Wii game console, which allows users to swing a tennis racket or other equipment in games by holding a plastic wand in their hands.

Unlike the Wii, the Microsoft camera won’t require users to hold any hardware to control on-screen action, the people familiar with the matter said. The camera would sit near the television and capture when players move their hands, legs or head.

The Microsoft camera uses 3-D technology. The Wall Street Journal says the new gaming technology could be revealed at E3 videogame industry conference next month but Microsoft isn’t commenting.

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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