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PostHeaderIcon Frugal Recipes That Can Save You Money!

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My friend Jennifer Melnick Carota has done it again! She has created a very useful and fun website called Just Keep The which specializes in tasty and easy recipes that will not break the bank and make great gift ideas. Jennifer says her website is “dedicated to giving the gift of food…affordable, practical, and absolutely fun.” 


Best news is that you can share your favorite frugal recipe and it will get posted on her site! So if you have a great recipe that you would like to share, head on over to her site.  All the appropriate links and credits will be credited to you within the post. I saw that today she has posted The “Secret” Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. Oh man, I am all over that one like white on rice!

Well done Jennifer, I will be printing many recipes for my family to try!

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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