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PostHeaderIcon Where To Find Real Deals In A Bad Economy

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

~Travel Deals – Airlines are really hurting. Hotels are really hurting. If you are looking to book a summer family vacation this may a great time to do it. Here is a list of resources you may find helpful.


  • Cruise Deals – Cruises are at record low prices. They aren’t for every one, but if you were always curious this may be a good time to try one.
  • Las Vegas – Sin City always has great deals, but never this good. Hotels from only $18 a night and Vacation packages from $181.
  • Hawaii – Airfare to Hawaii is really low right now. Tickets that cost $700-1000 last year now can be bought for $450 to $700.
  • Orlando, Florida – I have been getting some great coupons for travel packages to Orlando and Disney World. They must be hurting as well. Worth a look.

~Automobiles – You can find some great deals on both new and used cars right now. Gas prices have plummeted and those who bought small cars last summer when gas was $4 a gallon are now selling and coming to the realization that they are not ’small car’ owners. They missed their living room on wheels! This means great deals on used Toyota hybrids, Honda hybrids, and other very fuel efficient vehicles. Gas is going to go back up, history will show that. So this is a great time to get ready, at a big discount of course!


As for new cars, many automakers have over 100 days inventory. Which means if they closed all manufacturing, it would take over 3 months to sell off their inventory. Honda is the newest victim of BIG time over-supply. The deals are great right now as Honda car lots are totally packed. The end of summer will be your best bet to score a great deal as dealers want to get rid of cars to make room for the new 2010 models. Check out to find the real value of these cars so you have a starting point for negotiating your deal.

~Real Estate – We have a long way to go before demand catches up with supply in the housing market. This means that it is a great buyer’s market. Both for first time home owners and those seeking to buy an investment/rental property. Throw in the kicker of first time home buyer programs, low mortgage rates, and tax incentives and this could be the best time to buy. Ever.


~Stock Market – EXTRA. EXTRA. The stock market is on sale! Microsoft stock is literally 50% off. If you are under 40, still have your job, and are not putting money into a Roth IRA, or company matching 401k, you are crazy. Now is the time to buy, you may never see prices likes these again. Don’t be kicking yourself in 10 years if you pass on this buying opportunity. As far as how much stock you should own, I like the idea of taking your age and subtracting if from 100 to get your percentage of stock vs. bonds. I am 35, so I have approximately 65% off my portfolio in mutual funds that invest in company stock. The rest is in more conservative bond funds.


Where are you finding great deals in your life? Looking forward to your comments!

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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