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I was channel surfing last night, much to my wife’s annoyance, and felt like Zappos Shoes was taking over the world.  First, they were featured on Celebrity Apprentice as the client that all the B-grade stars had to impress with a comic strip. At least I think that was the plot. I only watched for a few minutes. But their logo was all over the show. Then, I went to check out my Alma Mater, Saint Mary’s College, who was playing in the WCC basketball tournament in Las Vegas. Guess who was sponsoring the tourney? Yep, had their logo all over the court.

Very impressive, they must be doing well. Even in hard economic times. I personally have never ordered anything from them. I have a friend who ordered some shoes from them and was quite impressed with their customer service. Plus, they offer free shipping and free returns which is very convenient as shoes probably won’t fit comfortably 50% of the time. Have you had any experience buying from Zappos? Good or bad, let’s hear it! I look forward to knowing more about this company. Thanks!

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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