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PostHeaderIcon Paul Rudd and Jason Segel Ride the Vespa LXV 150

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Vespa I Love You Man

A Vespa scooter is featured prominently in the new bromance flick, I Love You, Man. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel play friends who ride around on a Vespa LXV 150 in the film. _Jason Segel’s character also wears Ugg boots. Brandweek says Segel rides a Vespa in the real world as well.

The LXV 150 scooter is Fife’s primary mode of transportation in the film and it serves as an extension of his personality. Off-screen, Segel is a Vespa owner, too.

“We are continually trying to showcase Vespa scooters as not only fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly transportation, but as fun transportation, and the movie was an opportunity to portray the Vespa as a free-spirited, go-anywhere travel companion,” said Paolo Timoni, CEO and president of Piaggio Group Americas, Vespa’s U.S. importer. “Placement in the movie helped us extend key brand messages [and] . . . targets the 18-34 year demographic, where we see a lot of opportunity for the brand.”

We hope Segel does not wear the Ugg boots while riding his Vespa off-screen. Vespa’s website is happily promoting the use of the Vespa LXV 150 in the movie. You can read more about the film here and more about scooter here.

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