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PostHeaderIcon Mandy Moore Covers Marie Claire Magazine

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Photo of Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore is on the April cover of Marie Claire magazine. Now married, she wouldn’t talk about her then-fiance Ryan Adamsduring the interview. But she did talk about her new album,

“I knew that record was my last chance,” says Moore – a reference to faltering record sales as she struggled to bust out of the bubblegum pack. “So I pushed and made it the way I wanted” – channeling Patti Griffin and Paula Cole and Joni Mitchell in gutsy torch songs like “Ladies’ Choice” and “Gardenia.” She made the album far away from a sterile studio, in a big house on a mountaintop; for Amanda Leigh she secluded herself in a sound engineer’s basement studio in Medford, MA, recording by candlelight as the beer cans and coffee cups piled up. “We were down in the wormhole,” says Moore, who declined producer Mike Viola’s suggestion to stay in a comfortable hotel nearby.

“This was the full-on artistic experience,” says Viola, “where you sleep in a drafty room and don’t shower for days. But you also come out of it having made the best record of your life. Mandy got to a place with her vocals that she’s never been. And I know some people think, Mandy Moore, whatever, but I swear, what she’s doing is unequivocal. I don’t think people will need to be convinced of anything once they hear it.”

Here’s a video behind the scenes of the photo shoot:

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