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PostHeaderIcon How To Find The Real Price Of Things

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

People want your money! Companies in almost every industry are finding ways to slip in extra charges on your bill that seperate you from your hard earned income. We are getting mislead on the real price of things and are being systematically separated from our money. Here are some examples and ways you can keep from getting ripped off.

  • Cell Phone Bills. Can anybody reading this completely understand their cell phone bill? The example that burns me is the cell phone contract. You have to sign up for a 2 year contract, and will have to pay a big early termination fee if you don’t stay the length of the contract. OK, clear enough, but now many cell phone companies have instituted a ‘Handset Upgrade Fee’ which means that even if you stay with the company for the length of your contract, you are going to have to pay this upgrade fee. So in essence you lose either way. Watch out for these hidden fees that are often buried in the fine print so small you need a microscope to read it. Be aware.
  • Ridiculous Fees (Often Hidden). I rented a car a couple months ago thinking I was paying $30 a day for 3 days. So I figured my total bill would be around $90-$100. I return the car to the airport and my total bill is $140 due to all of these ridiculous taxes and B.S. fees. I mean come on, a Vehicle License Recovery Fee, are you kidding me! So let me get this straight, I can rent the car but the license is extra. What a joke!!

So what can we do to combat this:

  • Pay attention to the fine print. This will help, but this is just not a practical practice because the fine prints is so small and so detailed in most situations.
  • MAKE COMPLAINING A GOOD HEALTHY HABIT! Many companies have the strategy of charging as many fees as they can get away with. But for those loud people that complain, they will instantly give them a refund. So BE LOUD and don’t put up with this practice! Perhaps if we all complain enough such tactics will become a thing of the past.

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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