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PostHeaderIcon Housing Crisis: Take Responsibility

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I saw the following story on CNN about a lady, Minta Garcia, a school bus driver, who bought an $800,000 house with her husband and now wants Obama to come in and bail her out because her house is now only worth $675,000. WOW…..are you kidding me!! Take a look and please leave your opinion of this story.

My Thoughts:

  • My first thought was to pack up and buy a 500 acre piece of property in Montana, off the grid of course.
  • Once I cooled off, I wondered where the husband was. I think he probably was not a sympathetic character so CNN decided to focus only on the wife and kids.
  • Bus drivers just don’t live in $800,000 houses, they never have and they never will.  So the fact that we are going to come up with a government program to keep them in their home is just INSANE.
  • “Your home is not a credit card.” Amen brother.
  • What should we have done? How about we let it play out naturally. Lots of people will lose their homes, prices will drop even more, but we will reach the bottom naturally. Then we will start to build back up the right way.
  • In a related story, a grocery clerk, who bought a Bentley last year, can’t afford to make the payments. Anybody want to bail him out with their hard earned money?

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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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