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PostHeaderIcon Don’t Shock The Wrong German Shepherd!

Article Source: Online Shopping Store

You may be asking yourself, “Kyle has officially lost his marbles, what does that post title have to do with coupons?” I will try and tie the 2 together later. So I grew up on a small farm and my Dad had a few sheep, pigs, cats, and a couple dogs. In particular, we had a beautiful black German Shepherd named Simba. Yes, after the Lion King movie. So that tells you this was early 90’s. One year we had her bred and she had 5 puppies. We sold all of the puppies except one, which my Mom was going to train and keep as a pet. So far so good.

Well, my Dad also had some chickens and guess what? Dogs love to chase chickens! Love to break their necks and throw them around as well. So in an attempt to keep the barnyard from looking like a poultry ridden ‘Jones Town’, my folks kept the dogs pinned up unless they were out with them to monitor Simba and her daughter, ’Molly’. But from time to time, the inevitable happened and a dog would nail a chicken and kill it. So in an attempt to train the dogs to leave the chickens alone, my folks invested in a shock collar. The collar would go around the dogs neck and it had a remote which you would push and send a small electrical shock to the dog when they were drooling near the chicken coup.

This was working well until one unfortunate dog day afternoon. I was home from college and my Mom had the shock collar on Molly (important point). We were all outside with the dogs and Simba decided to chase a chicken, my Mom saw this and panicked and without thinking hit the shock collar button on the remote and poor Molly, who was leisurely taking a nap on the driveway got ‘ZAPPED’! Never saw a dog wake up so fast and jump a few feet in the air all at once! Not sure, but I think that is the wrong way to train a dog! Meanwhile Simba was running crazy after a chicken. Moral of the story, buy a shock collar for each dog. Actually the real moral of the story is never have a German Shepherd on the same farm as chickens. Or is the moral don’t take a nap on the driveway? I am so confused now.

What better way to tie this story together than with a few pet store coupons: :-)
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Article Source: Online Shopping Store
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